Hadley Fruit Orchards

Ring of Fire Hot Sauce

Introducing Ring of Fire hot sauce. Now available on our website. This spicy selection of hot sauces will be sure to add the perfect addition to your favorite meal or recipe.

Date Bread

In-Store Only!

Next time you are passing through and looking for a special treat to take home,
we have the perfect item for you! Nothing compliments your morning cup of coffee better than Hadley's freshly baked Date Bread.

Hadley Fruit Orchards

Deglet Walnut Stuffed Date

Packed in a resealable tub. Our Deglet's are stuffed and bursting with English walnuts, that are sure to satisfy your desire for a crunchy-sweet treat. They also make elegant hors d'oeuvres that your guests will applaud.

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Hadley Fruit Orchards

There is something magical about Hadley Fruit Orchards’ date shakes, according to the generations who have been lucky enough to get one. Perhaps, it’s the smooth caramel taste of California Deglet Noor dates or maybe it’s the way Hadley Fruit Orchards loves their dates, but it’s a love you can taste...

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