Pomegranate Plus - Tony O'Donnell

Pomegranate Plus - Tony O'Donnell
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Net Weight: 9.8 oz

Try Tony Odonnell's Pomegranate Plus with Blueberries! A 30-day supply of Pomegranate Plus is a perfect start to every day! Health Benefits Pomegranates are high in polyphenols. The most abundant polyphenols in pomegranate are hydrolysable tannins, particularly punicalagins, which have been shown in many peer-reviewed research publications to be the superior antioxidant responsible for the free-radical scavenging ability of pomegranate juice. Many food and dietary supplement makers have found the advantages of using pomegranate extracts (which have no sugar, calories, or additives), instead of the juice, as healthy ingredients in their products.
Net Weight: 
9.8 oz

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