Hadley’s Date Shake

Date Shake IngredientsCalifornia is possibly best known for its individuality. It is at the very least a "bucket list" item to visit once in your lifetime if you are not a native. Whether you are just passing through between Coachella Valley and Laguna Beach, Hadley Fruit Orchards is a stop you will want to make again and again.

Whether you're a native to the "chocolate mountains" or the best known blue crush waves in SoCal; a Hadley Fruit Orchards' date shake should be a part of the commute either way. It has been said to be the best date shake in the world. Of course that could be because we only serve real California dates grown in real California sunshine!

We only use the Deglet Noor date in our Hadley shake because of its delicate soft texture and sweet caramel taste, uniquely its own. We puree the Deglet Noor dates into a creamy yet slightly lumpy texture, blending it into natural vanilla ice cream and milk. What you get is a taste you will never forget. It's that kind of moment that will leave you with a smile wherever your travels may take you.

There is something magical about Hadley Fruit Orchards' date shakes, according to the generations who have been lucky enough to get one. Perhaps, it's the smooth caramel taste of California Deglet Noor dates or maybe it's the way Hadley Fruit Orchards loves their dates, but it's a love you can taste.

If you are feeling a little adventurous try banana, nutmeg, or even cinnamon in your shake for a California style all your own. For the perfect date shake with a unique burst of flavor stop by Hadley Fruit Orchards today!